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How do accounts become compromised?

Accounts may become compromised if you’ve entrusted your username and password to a malicious third-party application or website, if your Free Talk account is vulnerable due to a weak password, if viruses or malware on your computer are collecting passwords, or if you’re on a compromised network. Unexpected updates don’t . . . Read more

Protect your account with these simple steps

If your account has been compromised, take these additional precautions: Delete any unwanted Posts that were posted while your account was compromised. Scan your computers for viruses and malware, especially if unauthorized account behaviors continue to be posted after you’ve changed the password. Install security patches for your operating system . . . Read more

Help with my compromised account

If your account has been compromised but you’re still able to log in, this page will help you secure your account and stop unwanted behaviors. If you can’t log in to your account, please see this article Has my account been compromised? Have you: Noticed unexpected Posts by your account . . . Read more

Welcome to Free Talk!

Are you tired of all the hidden shadowbanning based on your views and opinions? Welcome to Free Talk! Introducing Free Talk, a platform that allows you to express Free Speech. Post all your thoughts, ideas, opinions, pictures without anyone “shadowbanning” or messing with your stats, followers, etc. Regardless of your . . . Read more

About Verified Accounts

The blue verified badge  on Free Talk lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. The badge appears next to the name on an account’s profile and next to the account name in search results. It is always the same color and placed in the same location, . . . Read more

About Suspended Accounts

In order to maintain a safe environment for users on Free Talk, we may suspend accounts that violate the Free Talk Rules. Common reasons for suspension may include: Spam: Most of the accounts we suspend are suspended because they are spam, or just plain fake, and they introduce security risks . . . Read more