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POE:Sentinel League ending soon

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    Sentinel League is coming to an end, I love this version for ten minutes, but I’m very sad about the official announcement that Sentinel League will officially end in a few weeks. However, the game always needs to be updated and developed. I hope the next version of League will be more interesting. Even then, I will miss Sentinel League’s rapid accumulation of POE Currency and Exalted Orb.

    Seriously, I think POE Currency and Exlated Orb are available much faster in Sentinel League than before, which greatly improves the player experience. Let’s stop worrying about how to get POE Currency every day. And I can get very rare equipment by fusing Sentinel to get better Sentinel, which is too much for our players.

    I suggest that the POE official can also give our players a good gaming experience in the next League, at least give us enough opportunities to get POE Currency and Exaled Orb. Add to that the richness of the game’s activities, while retaining many of Sentinel League’s benefits.

    As the end of the month is approaching, POE’s service provider, POECurrency, is watching the activity of buying more and sending more, and the top 20 consumers will be given extra POE Currency and Exaled Orb every day. The most important thing is that POECurrency can complete the transaction within three minutes, which is very fast and convenient, and has an extremely high cost performance, which greatly saves our time and energy in farming POE Currency in the game, and greatly enhances our game experience.

    All in all, I still welcome the release of the new League. No matter what POE develops, I will definitely be a loyal fan of it. Let us wish the game better and better.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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